Employee interview | Julia

(Human Resources)

Employee interview | Julia (HR)

Short introduction of the person  

Name: Julia

Position and area:  Human Resources

Years of service:  1.5 years (since May 2020)   

My main job(s) in 2-3 sentences: I work in the HR department at Railpool and focus on recruiting, employer branding, onboarding and our Railpool Academy.


What makes Railpool special for you?  

I have felt very comfortable at Railpool since the first day. You get a warm welcome and feel part of the team right from the start. I also found the company and the business model very exciting and future-oriented right from the start.
And not to forget, of course, the tasks that make my job in a growing company so exciting. No day is like the other. You are constantly learning and developing with the company.


What do you enjoy most about your job?  

Personally, what I like most about my job is the contact with the applicants who apply to us from the most diverse areas. That’s what makes my job so varied. I also really enjoy putting together a suitable training programme within the framework of our Railpool Academy with internal and external training courses, in order to be able to offer all employees exciting and helpful training.


One of your main tasks is recruiting. What advice would you give to applicants who apply for a job with us?

First of all, you should make sure that your application documents are complete. This means that you should send your cover letter, curriculum vitae and references via our online applicant portal. The application documents are the first step into our company. We are looking for applicants who have a passion for the industry and are interested in developing Railpool successfully together. This should also come across in your cover letter and application.


What is the Railpool Academy?   

The Railpool Academy describes the range of internal and external training courses that Railpool provides for all employees. For example, we offer basic technical training for all new employees. In addition, there are also specialist training courses on Excel, Office 365 or communication and diplomacy training. All employees can agree on the training courses with their supervisor during the annual staff appraisals and then register for the events.


What motivates you every day?

Definitely my team. Every day we face the exciting tasks anew and look for and develop solutions and new ideas together. It’s never boring here and you can always rely on each other.

My best experience at RAILPOOL so far was…

my visit to our workshop in Hamburg.
Since I started at RAILPOOL during the Corona period, there have unfortunately been no team events or activities in which I have participated. However, I am very much looking forward to future staff days, the RAILPOOL Wiesn and Christmas parties, which I hope will happen again soon.



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